In Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, during the Parcours des arts event, I open the doors of my studio to the public since the last five years to show my work. Many of my visitors have been wondering if I would accept to give collage courses.

Collage is very simple: paper, glue... it all depends on each person’s approach, on his or her imagination, and on the material at hand.

I use exclusively paper... but then I tint, paint, texture, pierce, twist, tear and cut it up... and see how it evokes earth or sky, water or fire, surfaces like bronze, silk or foliage...

I therefore propose an atelier in creative art-making of one day where each person, through a varied techniques and exercises, will build up an inventory of unique and original pieces of paper from which he or she can pick and choose to create images rich in the colours and textures that contribute to the whole effect.

Subsequently, a second day if they wish, allow fans to use the booty to develop exceptional collages!

To download the registration form, click here. For information on lodging, click here.
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